Use The Ripple Effect to Make Waves

Ripple-EffectBusiness owners often complain that their marketing efforts are not working when the real issue is not that their efforts are not effective, it is that their attention span is too short. They approach marketing with a “one and done” mentality expecting the first marketing stone they cast into the middle of the marketplace pond to reach and convert every possible target. The stone is cast and the business owner waits for every ripple to fade away before casting another.

If your desired goal is action, a more effective marketing approach is to skip a stone into that same pond; the ripples created at each touch point will collide with one another to create waves (action) within the pond.

How to Create Ripples

For starters, let your marketing efforts be the Spinal Tap of your industry…turn the dial up to 11! Invest in the eyeballs of your potential customers by hitting your target audience with a great message issued from several platforms. Each release creates another ripple that cascades throughout your audience, creating a long-lasting message that continues to have returns long after the campaign ends.

Depending on your industry it might require 30 to 45 days for your customers to make a buying decision. (I’ve seen industries that take 90 days and even a few that take 6 months to a full year.) By broadcasting your message from several platforms you are keeping your business and product at the forefront of their mind and providing them with opportunities to interact as they work through your funnel(s).

How to Optimize Ripples

Remarketing efforts optimize the messages that you have already thrown into the pond. It is cheaper than initial marketing and delivers excellent returns. In addition to having a great ROI, remarketing prevents other businesses from benefiting from your ripples. Potential buyers in the market are getting hit with ripples from a variety of sources; each ripple is bringing them slightly closer to making a decision. Conversion rates on first contacts are very low. Remarketing creates momentum.

Are the Ripples Working?

To understand how your marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line, track potential buyers as they move through your funnel and chart their path. They may have been introduced to your company via a Facebook ad and then landed on your website through a Google search (SEO) which led them to sign-up for a newsletter that contained the CTA (call-to-action) that finally produced the sale. However, without the initial Facebook ad “ripple” the potential buyer would never have found your product.

Marketing efforts resonate throughout the marketplace long after their initial release. Potential customers arrive at your site and in your store as the result of multiple interactions with your brand. Rarely can sales be traced back to a single point of contact. Instead, the potential buyer is hit with a series of marketing ripples, each one nudging them gently down the funnel.


Corey has worked with businesses in 43 different industries located in 6 different countries across 4 different continents to generate more leads, boost conversions, massively improve sales, and radically increase revenue.