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4 Promotions For Better Business Luck

Effective promotions hit the right audience at the right time with an unbelievable deal. In this post, we will take a look at the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of four easy to implement promotions.

The Holiday Campaign

Who: Use this campaign to show appreciation for your existing customers and to help your customers show appreciation for their loved ones.

What: This one works because the relevancy factor is inherent. The entire promotion is built around an upcoming holiday.

When: Both National holidays, like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, as well as fun/silly holidays, such as National Cupcake Day, work for this promotion.

Where: Reach potential customers via direct mail, social media, AdWords and Facebook. Since this promotion is tied to something that applies to everyone, you can reach a large audience.

Why: Holiday campaigns are timely and relevant.

How: To make this one work for you, craft a story around the message and of course, provide an amazing deal.

The Birthday Campaign

Who: Use this campaign to target potential and existing customers with upcoming birthdays.

What: Send awesome deals to help them celebrate their special day. The goal here is to get them interested and in the door.

When: If using direct mail, send promotions twice a month if possible – once in the beginning and again in the middle.

Where: Reach out to your birthday boys and girls via direct mail and Facebook.

Why: There a lot of great reasons that birthday campaigns work. First, everyone likes to get something on their birthday. Second, giving a birthday gift is a great way to start building a relationship. Third, your celebrator is likely to bring at least a few, full-price paying friends.

How: To reach out using direct mail, obtain a list of people in the local area with upcoming birthdays. Facebook also has a great tool for targeting users with birthdays that fall within the upcoming week, click here for the video on how to access this tool.

The New Mover Campaign

Who: This campaign targets individuals and families that have recently moved into the area.

What: It works great for restaurants, grocery stores, doctors, dentists, mechanics, dry cleaners, gyms, flower shops, dog walkers and housekeepers; basically anyone that provides local goods and services.

When: If possible, send this promotion out every 3 to 4 weeks; the goal is to hit those that have recently arrived in the area before their new routines are established – you want your business to be a part of their new routines.

Where: Direct mail is a great option for the mover campaign; it is relatively easy to get a list of newly registered addresses. Facebook also has an awesome feature that allows you to take this campaign digital; click here for the video.

Why: On average, people move every seven years and every time they do they need to create a new routine and find new service providers. All of their habitual places- their favorite coffee shop, their go-to mechanic – must be replaced.

How: Craft the deal around the move and be explicit about your location. Click here for a video that will walk you through setting this up.
The Visitor Campaign

Who: Hit those that are on vacation, passing through or in-town on business.

What: The trick is to get them in the door while they are in the area by offering amazing deals targeted at immediate use.

When: The best time to offer the deal is largely dependent on the type of business. Restaurants could send deals for business lunches during the week while hotels could send out promotions on Friday nights.

Where: Reach out to potential customers within a 3 to 5 mile radius. In some cities, the target can be widened but be sure to consider potential commute times – most people will be unlikely to travel more than 30 minutes.

Why: Visitor campaigns work because the recipients are open to suggestions – they do not know the area or what is available.

How: Facebook allows you to target visitors to your area.

Wrap Up

The trick is to remember that with all four of these promotions the deal must provide amazing value. Do not cheap out on the offer or turn away expired coupons. The goal is to get the customer to use your service, or buy your product, one time and to be so blown away by the experience that they keep coming back. You want to build that relationship with them.

Setting up an epic campaign that yields great returns is easier than you think. So before you get your Uncle Al to dress up in a chicken suit and hand out coupons, give these four campaigns a test run.

Orange You Glad You Segmented Your List?

When I was a little kid I loved spending time with my Grandma and Grandpa. I’d go stay with them and they’d spoil me rotten and why not, I was their only grandson. One of my fondest memories (besides going golfing with Grandpa) was sitting at the kitchen island with grandma, eating open-faced peanut butter sandwiches with cold mug of milk and an orange.

My grandma would help me peel the orange, but then I had the duty to separate all the slices. I loved to do this because then the scent of orange would linger on my fingers all day. I also like to try and get each and every slice I could, especially the really thin slices you could almost see through. I don’t know why, but I swear those slices tasted the best.

Why am I talking about oranges on a blog about marketing? Because slicing up your list into segments (just like the orange) can be the fastest and more rewarding way to increase your sales. You don’t need a niche product or to limit your total marketing outreach to a focused segment. The trick is appear highly targeted is to make your audience feel like your product was created specifically for them.

Relying on one, generalized message to meet all of your marketing needs creates a watered-down version of the very best aspects of your business or product. The result is that you become the guy at the party that talks to everyone yet, at the end of the night, no one remembers your name.

Creating targeted content is customizing the features and benefits of your product to meet the specific needs of a defined segment. This type of marketing demonstrates your expert knowledge of this group. They are more than just a passing acquaintance, the have achieved best friend status.

Your message speaks specifically to a segment and listens to their response. Creating this conversation is the cornerstone of a great customer relationship in which you continually demonstrate how well your product/business relates to their life. They will feel as if you are speaking directly to their needs, wants, troubles, and desires.

There are dozens of different ways you can segment out your desired customers. To get started we’ll focus on 6. Use what you already know about your current client base to create easily identifiable segments based on:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Income
  4. Home Owner/Renter
  5. Marital Status
  6. Children/No Children

With those segments in mind, develop messaging that meets each of your identified segments by relying on a few tried and true typecasts:

Category Segment Description Values
Gender Male Quick to make decisions; value logical, fact-based arguments, focused on the short-term impact Male-focused products throughout the yearGift items (for women) during specific seasons (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day)
Female Makes decisions based on research, sees the big picture, focused on the long-term impact Female-focused products throughout the yearGift items (for men) during specific seasons (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day)
Age Young Desire for immediate satisfaction, defined by material status StatusTrends/AppearanceFun and Excitement
Older/Mature Long-term goals (retirement), defined by professional status StabilityReliabilityAbility to recapture some of the fun and excitement of youth
Income Low Has less disposable income and a greater desire to “prove” their success Status (cool factor)Payment arrangementsConfidence
Upper Has more disposable income and a desire to compete with friends/colleagues/peers to demonstrate wealth Upsells for prestige or additional features and/or servicesLong-term benefitsStatus
Home Owner/ Renter Home Owner Creating a permanent space, products for the home; less likely to move often FamilyStabilitySpending time at home/entertaining
Renter Creating a personalized space without permanent changes; more likely to move more frequently FreedomFlexibility
Marital Status Single Divorced, widowed, never married with or without children IndependenceSpontaneity
Married Spend time with other married people and are heavily influenced by one another DependabilitySecure future
No Children
Children Less free time, buying decisions are often influenced by children and are defined by the “pride of parenthood” Educational,Family-orientated and multi-purpose, time-saving products
No Children Spend time on self-exploration and improvement; focused on career; have more disposable income Aesthetically pleasing productsLong term value (investment) products


With these segments in mind, begin to investigate ways that you can stack the definitions and values to create a more defined segment to engage in your marketing efforts. If you take a few minutes to run through this you are one step closer to creating a fully-defined buyer persona! You’ll also see your advertising dollar go much further and your customer relationships grow as a result.

11 Outside the Box Uses for Facebook Ads That Will Blow Your Mind

I’m about to reveal to you 11 tactics for your facebook ad campaigns that will help you drive more sales, stand head and shoulders above your competition, and improve every other facet of your marketing campaign. But first…

Facebook ads have been receiving tremendous praise the last few years. Sure there are some skeptics and “conspiracy theory” videos making the rounds, but if you know what you’re doing you’ll see through the hype of those bogus articles. If you’ve fallen prey to those videos and given up on facebook ads I hope I can sway you to come back and play with the rest of us that are crushing it with their ad platform.

Facebook makes billions with their ad platform so they must be doing something right, right? You’re correct. Their ability to target is unparalleled online and it’s amazing. BUT the problem arrises when your targeting is off, or when you don’t have a clear and concise KPI (Key Performance Indicator.)

Some KPIs might be to:

– get more Likes on your fan page
– increase brand awareness
– drive people into your website and make a sale
– get people to download your app
– etc.

and those are good KPIs. But they are very much “inside the box” thinking. In the below infographic you’re about to twist your brain around the other amazing ways you can put facebook ads to work for you. Get started now and you’ll be light-years ahead of your competition.

If you have any questions or if you have any other cool “outside the box” tactics for using facebook ads, let me know in the comments section below.

Oh, and if you like the infographic feel free to share it on your blog by grabbing the embed code below.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?


Download this infographic.

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Create a Steady Stream of New Clients By Targeting New Movers


Have you ever moved to a new neighborhood and wondered how advertisers knew that you were “new to the area”? Have you ever wanted to run campaigns like that to new customers in your area?

Well today is your lucky day. Thanks to the power of Facebook(TM) targeting now you can.

There are a couple reasons targeting new movers can be so beneficial:

1. Most of the time when people move (even just across town) they have to find replacements for all their old favorite/regular places. Like: convenience/grocery stores, the gym, yoga studios, the post office, restaurants, etc.

2. As I cover in the video below, there is always a stream of new people/families moving to your area. And you can always make them special offers to capture their business.

What types of businesses can use a campaign like this? Well for starters:

– Gyms
– Yoga Studio
– Pilates Studios
– Auto Repair Shops
– Dentists
– Local Restaurants (Pizza, sushi, etc.)
– Plumbers
– Other Home Repair
– Locksmiths (often they need copies of their new keys made)
– Yard Maintenance
– Day Spas
– Dry Cleaners (on average if you can get them to come back to you 3 times and they are yours. So give them an offer they can’t refuse.)
– Jewelry Stores (you can give them a special deal to clean any 3 pieces of jewelry then you market to them re: anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

Campaign Example:

If they are more apt to use you right away because they need a replacement service or business, give them a discount as a “Welcome to the neighborhood”

If they aren’t likely to need your service or product right away give them some low-cost freebie to get them in the door. Like the Jewelry Store or the Dry Cleaner to get them to come in and you get to build your list to market to them later.

Leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment section below.

Watch the video below to learn how you can start targeting these “Movers and Shakers” for your business today:

[Video] How To Set Up a Birthday Campaign on Facebook

If you’re like most business owners, trying to run an ad campaign on Facebook can be confusing, involved, and easier to just put off until later.

– What type of ad should you run?
– How should you target the audience?
– What if it doesn’t work?

These are just a few of the questions my clients come to me with when they are looking to start out using Facebook ads.

In today’s video we’re going to go over one of the easiest, highly targeted, ad campaigns you can run. It’s called a birthday campaign.

The reason most ad campaigns on facebook don’t work is because they don’t really stand out or the targeting was way off (most business owners go way too broad.) Now you won’t have to worry about that.

Because it’s a birthday campaign the ad will stand out like a shining diamond among a field of coal. The campaign is highly targeted because you’re only focusing on those that have a birthday in the coming week.

Click play on the video below and get ready to start running your first Birthday Campaign in a matter of minutes.

If you have any questions leave them below.